Lugarde DUO Mega Maxi - 4.2m x 6.0m

Prima DUO Mega Maxi Building Un-treated Factory Finished
480 x 420 cm Shape 44mm 68mm 44mm 68mm
Prima Pyramid roof Pentagonal        
Prima Pyramid roof Square        
Prima Flat roof Pentagonal        
Prima Flat roof Square        
Log Cabin Pyramid roof Square        
Log Cabin Ridge Roof Square        
Log Cabin Flat roof Square        
Floor package          

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The Lugarde Duo range are named so because they were made from two Prima buildings placed together under one roof. Beside the standard Lugarde pentagonal design shown in the picture to the right and priced in green above, we have added several other pentagonal and rectangular versions (styles) by Lugarde based on the same design. The Prima 28mm system consists of two buildings, the smaller of which has short stubs on the inside joining wall, with a gap over the internal wall. The Prima 44mm and log cabin versions are one building with internal wall which can be positioned to suit your needs. 

The DUO Mega Maxi standard package (priced as shown in green above) contains;
- A double door - PE45T - double-glazed, real glass.
- Two tilt and turn windows - PE48T - double-glazed, real glass.
- A half glazed single door DE46T - double-glazed, real glass .
- All doors/windows are pre-hung in their frames.
- A choice of chrome or brass metalwork.
- Pressure treated foundation beams.
- All parts, screws and fittings required to complete the installation.
- The roof is finished with a metal cap.
- Your choice of brass/chrome balls, weather vane or witch on a broom stick.
- All types of roof are delivered in loose parts (rafters & roof boards).
- Felt shingles in a choice of colours (not flat roof) Green, Red, Blue, Black or Brown.

Click on the following links for further details:
Construction Styles i.e. Log Cabin, Prima
Window and Door Construction
Floor Package
Roof Construction i.e. Pyramid, Flat, Pitched
Factory Finish i.e. Blue-Grey, Green, White or Light-Oak

Optional extras

Prima DUO Maxi XL Flat Pyramid Ridged
Floor Insulation      
Roof Insulation      
Double Glazing      

Change or replace doors and/or windows
2.5 litre paint :- Lugarde colourless base.
1 litre paint :- Lugarde paint.
2.5 litre paint :- Lugarde paint.

Dimensions Flat Pyramid Ridged
Size 420 x 600 cm 420 x 600 cm 420 x 600 cm
Size large room 420 x 420 cm 420 x 420 cm 420 x 420 cm
Size small room 420 x 180 cm 420 x 180 cm 420 x 180 cm
Size Including Roof +/- 350 x 460 cm +/- 370 x 540 cm +/- 370 x 540 cm
Wall Thickness 44 or 68 mm 44 mm 44 or 68 mm
Eve Height +/- 250 cm +/- 240 cm +/- 240 cm
Peak Height +/- 275 cm +/- 370 cm Minimum +/- 320 cm
Roof Thickness 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm
Roof Overhang +/- 25 cm +/- 30 cm +/- 30 cm