Lugarde Roofs

There are several styles of roof available in the Lugarde range:

Flat roof

 Flat roofs can be used on both Prima (Construction Pdf) and Log Cabin (Construction Pdf) style buildings.

The Lugarde Flat roof is constructed with rafters, roof boards, and a rubber mat edged with aluminium strips.

Although the roof is flat there is a drain pipe connector which allows water to run off. The down pipe is not included.

Pyramid roof


Pyramid roofs can be used on both Prima and Log Cabin style buildings.

The Lugarde Pyramid roof is constructed with a timber frame covered in 19 mm T&G boarding and felt shingles. A selection of the smaller Octagonal and Hexagonal roofs are pre-built, with either felt tiles or thatch, into panels. All other buildings are delivered with individual parts for assembly on site. 

Some buildings have a metal cap to finish the roof while others due to their ridge size have to be finished with shingles.

With the metal caps you have a choice of a brass ball, a chrome ball, a witch on a broom stick weather vane or a cock weather vane. 

Pitched and A-Symmetric 

Pitched and A-Symmetric roofs can only be used on Log Cabin style buildings.

Height can be adjusted to fit the 2.5m and 4m limit imposed by building regulations. There is a minimum slope of 18 degrees required for the fitting of the felt shingles, This could be overcome by fitting a waterproof membrane on the roof before attaching the shingles. If height is an issue please let me know when requesting a quote and I'll try and find a solution.

These roofs are constructed with a timber rafters covered in 19 mm T&G boarding and felt shingles. The ridge is finished with felt shingles with metal end caps.

The felt tiles come in a choice of five colours :- Green, Blue, Red, Brown or Black.

Please note that the photos on this page will give a general idea of colour but will look slightly different on different computers screens.