LUGARDE Range - Painting Information

We cannot control our climate and so wind, sun and rain have free play. In order to protect your LUGARDE summerhouse in the best possible way against these influences, the wood should be treated outside as soon as possible. The careful treatment of your summerhouse is a vital condition for the lifetime of your summerhouse.

Together with a well-established manufacturer of paint LUGARDE has developed an excellent system, taking into account quality and environment care. These paints have specially been developed for our summerhouse program, taking into accounts that perfect moisture regulation and elasticity of the paint are key elements for an optimum protection and appropriate lifetime. These properties are highly assimilated in the LUGARDE wood protecting products, applying a unique combination of classical natural oils and synthetic resins. LUGARDE paints are a solvent poor system and are therefore environment friendly.

An optimal result can be achieved by using LUGARDE Impregnate in combination with LUGARDE finish.

Base coat - Lugarde impregnate.

The grade of pure linseed oil provides excellent impregnation of the wood.

Top coat - Lugarde finish.

LUGARDE finish is available in a range of covering and transparent colours. Examples of the approximate colours are shown in the following table.

Covering paint         Transparent paint
234 254 509 217
302 129 506 232
326 238 206 213
447 518 235 218
363 013     Impregnate

The brightest UV durable colour is pine. More bright colours always will lead to affection respectively discoloration of the wood through UV-light. Wood will always be effective and in order to protect it to an optimum the finish should contain a durable elasticity.

Warning you should never apply a bright and/or none moisture regulating paint (e.g. boat lacquer).

Warning you should never apply Lugarde paint in damp or cold conditions (under 10 degrees).