LUGARDE Factory Finish

Transparent White

As well as the standard untreated building all Lugarde buildings are now available in a choice of 4 colours. Blue-Grey, White, Green or Light Oak.

Cost Building :- Plus 15% of the standard building cost.
Cost floor package :- Plus 30% of the standard floor price.

When choosing this option Lugarde will treat your entire summerhouse, log cabin or veranda INSIDE, OUTSIDE and in all HIDDEN JOINTS in a choice of 4 colours.

- Firstly the buildings are treated with a colourless base.
- Secondly the top coat of your choice is applied.


- Your summerhouse, log cabin or veranda will be maintenance free for 2-5 years depending on the local weather
- After this period, buildings only need to be repainted with the top coat, No need to apply a pre-treatment.
- Your building is instantly weather proof after installation.
- Saves time and money, no need to wait for the weather to be dry before you can paint the building or pay expensive decorators charges.
- The entire building is treated including all the parts that are unreachable after installation.

Transparent Green

Please note that the photos on this page will give a general idea of colour but will look slightly different on different computers screens.

Transparent Blue-Green

Transparent Light-Oak