Notice to AOL users

Unfortunately AOL has a number of features which prevents users from getting the full benefit of the internet. Two of the major problems are:

bulletbullet AOL operate their own cache system which means that they store any page you ask for in their own system so that when you ask for it again, they don't go back to the original website for it, but give you back the page they stored themselves. This means that any pages which are regularly updated here (eg. menus, information pages, results) won't be visible to you - instead, you'll get a copy of the page as it was maybe a few days or a week earlier.
bulletbullet AOL frequently block all mail originating from some other Internet Service Providers. Recently they blocked all mail from users of Wanadoo, Freeserve, and Orange. This means that if you use AOL you sometimes won't receive any mail sent to you by anyone using those blocked ISPs - this could include replies to queries which are sent from Us. Consequently, if you are with AOL and are making a query here our reply might not reach you.

At the moment there is nothing you can do about these problems other than to stop using AOL and switch to a better service instead.