LUGARDE Log Cabins - Over a million possibilities

Lugarde DaisyWith so many possibilities it is impossible show or price them all on this website. If you can not find your ideal Log Cabin please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Is your house getting to small, do you need to create an office in the garden, or need extra space at work why not consider a timber log cabin. Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes (from 2m x 2m and upwards) and can be adapted to suit your needs.

At the larger end of the scale at 8m x 5.5m is the Lugarde Daisy (pictured left). It has an entrance of 2.5m x 3m, a back room of 2.5m x 2.5m and two large rooms of 3.5m x 3m. Further divisions or extensions are possible if required.

Lugarde have a selection of standard models they use in their brochure and we have a selection of custom Log Cabins all of which are fully detailed and priced on this web site.

Lugarde Kingswood

Lugarde Log Cabins come as either a standard package or a custom design. There are no extra costs involved in Custom designed cabins.

Standard packages

bulletbullet 34 models.
bulletbullet 292 variations.
bulletbullet Size vary from "2.5m x 2m" up to "9m x 12m".
bulletbullet Modifications can be made.
bulletbullet A selection 89 different windows and doors.

Custom packages

bulletbullet Countless combinations.
bulletbullet Shapes - Square, Rectangular, "L" shaped and "T" shaped.
bulletbullet Roof - Flat, Pitched, Pent or Asymmetric.
bulletbullet Size - 2.5m x 2.5m and up.
bulletbullet A selection 89 different windows and doors.

The standard package/price includes:

bulletbullet Full assembly instructions; these are taped to the outside of the package.
bulletbullet Pressure-impregnated foundation beams.
bulletbullet 44mm or 68mm thick logs for the walls.
bulletbullet Double Glazed doors and windows pre-hung in their frames,.
bulletbullet All glass and chrome metalwork for the doors and windows pre-hung in their frames,.
bulletbullet Doors are left handed, but can be ordered right handed.
bulletbullet Your choice of colour for the Roof Shingles, Green, Red, Blue, Brown or Black.
bulletbullet All the nails, screws and fittings that are required.


bulletbullet 19mm thick pre-cut wooden floors with 44*70mm impregnated joists and skirting.
bulletbullet Hexagonal shingles.
bulletbullet Walls 1 board higher.
bulletbullet Self positioning internal walls.
bulletbullet Mezzanine and ladder.
bulletbullet Integral canopy.
bulletbullet Canopy.
bulletbullet Veranda.
bulletbullet Floor Insulation.
bulletbullet Roof Insulation.



Please see the Lugarde web site at for their guarantee terms.